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The Need to use Non-Violent means to Resolve Conflict

Evangelical Christianity tends to be more politically-oriented and oppose the things that are meant for the welfare of the people throughout the world. They are opposed to the idea that helping the needy is wrong, they tend to change laws that concern morality and think that the whites is a superior race. They even support the idea of using the armed troops to bring peace and using excessive force against the human beings who are unarmed. Use of peaceful diplomacy has the advantage of no lives that will be lost due to violence hence taking care of what God created.

People always say that when you are attacked, you can use force to make sure that you are safe and your property is also protected. This also applies to those who also end the lives of the attackers during this incident. People also say that it is a way of punishing the person for their deeds that they have chosen to do. from the bible, we learn that every person is created according to the will of God and in the image of God and therefore we have no authority to kill or think that we are better than others. You can’t compare one’s life to the money that they were stealing.

When people think of pacifists, they will tend to think that because they do not use violence for violence, they will let the other take advantage of them to the point of harming them. It is not right to think that because bloodshed is not the only way that you can use to have resolution to your problems. Because one is a pacifist, it does not mean that one is easy going to everything that is said or commanded.

From history, we will be able to see very many people who did not use violence as a way of solving their problems and in the end they got the fruits of their struggle without shedding human blood. We can have examples from the great men that history has produces such as Mahatma Gandhi of India, Martin Luther King of the US and Jesus Christ too. They all were oppressed, mistreated and abused in their verge to achieve what they had in mind and they did not give up nor did they resolve to using violence and in the end they reaped from their determination.

Because we took our country to our control by use of force and Revolution, we have always tried to solve everything that we face by war or violence. This has made has to use force to resolve most of our problems. In the end we will get the prize of violence if we don’t change. To see God’s Kingdom, we need to love each other no matter what the circumstance.