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The Advantages of Using Lavender Essential Oils

According to a number of studies, using essential oils is important to prevent a wide range of illnesses. For thousands of years, communities from all across the world have been using various essential oils for medicinal, beauty and cooking purposes. Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils on the market.

Lavender has been found to be critical in improving blood circulation, disinfecting the scalp, reducing nervous tension and improving respiratory. Lavender has a sweet aroma and its name comes from the Latin word, lavare.

How is Lavender Essential Oil Made?
Lavender oil results from steam distillation of the flowers of the lavender plant. For many years, lavender plant flowers have been used to make potpourri and perfume thanks to their sweet fragrance. The oil is also commonly used in aromatherapy.

When you start searching for lavender oil, you will find it in many forms, including soaps, lotions, infusions, gels and oils.

Why Use Lavender Essential Oil?
Some of the benefits of lavender essential oil include:

i) Helps to repel bugs
The sweet smell of lavender oil is potent for many insects and bugs like mosquitoes and moths. To avoid irritating bites from these bugs, apply some lavender oil on the parts of your skin that is exposed. Apart from this, you can apply lavender oil on any part of your skin where you have been bitten by any bug. The anti-inflammatory qualities of the oil will reduce the pain and irritation caused by the bites of these bugs.

ii) Helps to induce sleep
Lavender essential oil has a calming scent that helps to induce sleep. The oil is usually prescribed for a wide range of conditions, including migraines, headaches, emotional stress and nervous tension. The sweet aroma of the essential oil provides a calming effect on anyone that is restless. Experts have also suggested that lavender oil improves the autonomic nervous system. This explains why the oil is used to regulate heart rate variability as well as treat insomnia. According to the studies, people who use lavender oils experience less anxiety and mental stress. Moreover, when lavender oil and rosemary oil are inhaled, they help to increase cognitive function.

iii) Acne treatment
People who have acne are usually advised to use lavender essential oils on their skin. Acne is more common among teenagers but can occur at any stage of life. The result of acne is formation of red sores that are itchy and appear on the back, hands or face. The cause of acne is bacteria that is present in the serum gland. Lavender is known to inhibit the formation of bacteria that causes acne.

The above are three reasons why you should be using lavender essential oils.

Doing Health The Right Way

Doing Health The Right Way