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Two Retirement Stories That Vary, But From My Family

When I was only two-months pregnant with my second child, it is the time my dad brought his career as a postal clerk, that had lasted for 25 years, to a standstill. My dad’s going away party wasn’t just a small affair or a case of a little get-together with stale doughnuts, as the mayor of the city honored my dad and held a big celebration to mark the end of his career, an event held at the Historic Town Hall. Approximately 75 individuals turned up for the full-blown feast and everyone had a good story to tell about my dad. Many individuals narrated how he had helped them when they needed to deliver an overnight package while others remembered how he offered their children a stamp to brighten the kid’s lunch break.

But when my dad was no longer involved with sorting mails or sending packages, he became lost a bit, as his clerk job was a significant chunk of his life. Thankfully, I have been staying at home with my two kids, just some two miles away, and we are taking lunch together and also running errands around town together every day. Although it took him some time, like it would be the case of any other individual who brings to an end such a long career, my dad found out new hobbies, as he couldn’t even recall what he used to love. My dad has however focused on these three activities as part of his pastime.

Just as expected, my dad loves bird watching, and it is in our family veins since my grandfather was also an avid birdwatcher. My parents have set up at least a dozen of birdbaths and birdhouses at their home. My siblings and I worked with a local carpenter as they built a birdhouse which resembles their home.

Another activity that is a pass time for my dad is playing the bowling game, and my brother who works at Art Council in town gets enough time during his lunch break to play the bowling game. You can find them on Thursdays as they cash in coupons at an alley to play the buy-one-get-one-free games and they can also spend some cash on the hotdogs and shoe rentals to what they both cherish.

Dad has also been doing bargain hunting as a pastime. He’s been looking for steals on groceries and hardware and he’s even introduced me to some consignment shops.

My grandmother also retired around the same time as my dad as she worked as a part-time secretary for the local church office past the usual retirement age. She turned into teaching yoga and also perfecting her Spanish-speaking skills, hopping online to learn more common phrases.