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What You Need To Know About Your Car’s Dashboard Lights

An estimated 3,200 people die in car crushes every day. The most common causes are drunk and distracted driving but also failure to identify warning signs can result to crushes. This guide will help you know the meaning of dashboard lights and signals and when to take immediate action.

When dashboards shows windshield wipers, it means its time to change the fluid of your windshield wipers. Thought it might not seem like a case for concern, it can hinder your driving because it causes decreased visibility. A sign of a triangle with the inside having an exclamation mark is an indication that there is a problem with traction control. This means that you need to visit a mechanic immediately because it is an indication that there is a problem with anti-skid mechanism. There could be a problem with the locking devices and you might need a different key for your car to start. It is advisable to have a tool in a car to shutter your window just in case you get locked inside accidentally.

In addition, a key sign indicates security lights. It can either indicate a key or both key and car. If you notice a sign that resembles a jellyfish with tentacles it means that the fog lights are on. Turn them off when you don’t need them as they can drain your battery when left on for long. When you see a sign with a passenger seated with a circle in front, that is an airbag indicator and not something to be ignored. A sign of a passenger with a seatbelt means you must buckle up. When ignore for a long time, your car will make a beeping sound to remind you to put on your seatbelt.

Also, a sign of a gas tank means that your are low on gas and you have to refuel so that you don’t suddenly get stranded. A sign of a square with +/- shows that the battery is about to die. ABS means that there is an error with your braking system. If you see a car engine sign, it means that you must check your engine lights. According to JD Collision an expert it means that you might have left the gas cap uncapped after fueling. Also, it might occur due to triggering of your car’s oxygen sensor. Though it is not an emergency, you might find yourself spending more on fueling. Finally, if you see a sign of a dripping genie lamp, you need to check your oil pressure.